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The Link Supply Chains Advantage

Quickly and equitably getting your digital product information B2B ready. 

Subscription based service to take pain points away when communicating digitally, down stream to your distributors

E-commerce Data Clean-up Made Easy!


Not GDSN ready?  We can help you navigate this at a reasonable cost.  Meeting standards for E-commerce is step 1. 

Seamless Onboarding Process

Gather your product information, talk with the right people in your organization, gather materials and put your digital program together.


Reducing both administrative costs and time! One source of your product truth! Make changes once and all distribution channels see those changes.

Increase Sales

With ease of digital information, your sales growth potential will be possible. Distribution channels can easily access your information.

A FREE analysis & overview of your digital plan to E-commerce

We listen, write a plan and follow through!

E-commerce Simplified.

Our onboarding process is simple.  

We can help you organize & clean-up your data.

We can help you make the digital transformation:

  • Flyers, Brochures, POS
  • Pictures of your products
  • Product training videos, pictures for products & More

The Industries We Serve

Food Products

You depend on new items getting distributed. SEO & correct descriptions are key!

Non Foods

Retail or wholesale, we are ready to help you manage your product information clean-up.

Ingredient Market

From one to several ingredients, B2B digitization will help reduce costs.


Anything you make needs to have ease of information for your distribution channels, so that sales can happen quickly.


Getting into the US Market takes partnership and we are here to help. We can build your digital framework to win business easily in this market.

What People Have to Say

All product attributes at your fingertips...

Logistics information including line item freight, shelf life, storage temperature, TI/HI, quality information, and item level freight in one place!  Sort by ingredients, match lids to cups, GDSN categories & more.  

Creating your E-commerce platform allows you to extend your inventory to distributors with ease. 

Product Information Management sync...

Once your data is cleaned-up we can easily sync your data to anyplace in the world.   

  • One source of product information for down stream distribution
  • Reduce calls, questions, and requests for information
  • Allow your inventory to be extended from your distribution channels.

Supply Chains Simplified & Business Strategy

We are experienced experts in supply chain distribution.  We can help you move the needle forward with our consulting teams!

Product Information Clean-up Made Easy!


We use a tool that Google uses to sift through large amounts of data quickly. 

We can work together to get the information gathered and digitized.  We can do the heavy lifting. 

We use tools via the cloud that are AWS secure. We follow strict protocols. 

There are many ways: API, CSV, Excel, EDI, FTP, etc.

We have a checklist document that we run through and we listen to your goals.

(PaaS=Cloud) it is easier to sort through large data sets on servers made for such an endeavor.

The idea was started in 2012, first phase completed in 2015, and rolled out slowly in 2019.  The staff has over 150 years of combined experience in the supply chain biz.

We love to solve problems, make life more simple, and reduce waste. Our customers receive the highest level of care and support. We are passionate about our customer’s smiles.

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100% satisfaction Promise.  Your success is our success!